Movie in a Minute - Xtranormal 's slogan is, "If you can type, you can make a movie."

And it's true.
It's a completely online app that works on any computer. The free version lets you choose a basic set and create a mini movie that has two characters talking. You can even add expressions and actions to the characters. It would be perfect to illustrate any simple interaction.

Here's my first mini movie created in less than a half hour.

OK, I cheated a bit. I wanted a little intro so I downloaded it to my computer, imported it into iMovie, found a little piano and an appropriate Cracked font to introduce and close.

I plan on using this for a presentation, so I needed to add captions. After downloading a demo version of MovCaptioner from, I added the captions. The movie was short so it too was done in a flash. XtraNormal-Not bad for a quick little movie.

Fun in Legoland!
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  1. pbesong Says:

    Ha ha. Pretty cool. I like the monotone voices. BTW, I've used MovCaptioner as well. It's about the best way to create captions on the Mac. Easy to use and has lots of output formats. Nice work.

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